Friday, October 16, 2009

Personal Residence

This is the design for my personal residence located on a small parcel of land in the foothills of Highland Park, in Los Angeles. The parcel shares a private driveway with an adjoining house which I am designing in a similar style for my neighbor.

The house is raised above the ground in order to minimize grading of the land and the cost of building a garage. The house is composed of two 800 SF ( 20' deep x 40' long ) floors for a total area of 1,600 SF of living area, and contains three bedrooms and a great room. The simple, rectangular form minimizes the cost of construction. The house will be built using prefabricated steel structural members, interior walls and exterior cladding. A portion of the exterior will be clad in wood. Due to the prefabrication process, the total time required for construction of the house is estimated to be 8-10 weeks.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Villa Drei

Villa Drei is a 200 square meter residence for a single family located in Alt Moabit, Berlin. It contains three bedrooms and a two story living area with a 5m x 15m display/book shelf. The design is another partial step toward a freer, more organic design aesthetic.