Sunday, March 21, 2010

Villa Funf: Berlin

Villa Funf is the fifth in a series of villas designed for a piece of land near the Spree river in Berlin. It consists of 3 bedrooms and is approximately 200 square meters in area. The design represents a further exploration of moving in a more organic direction. Note that the horizontal wood slats indicated on the side elevations are mounted over fixed store front glazing, providing a simultaneiusly transparent and yet screened surface.


  1. Hi Steve--

    So, what the context for these buildings? Vacation homes? Are they next to open water, out in the country, in an urban area?

    I notice that all the windows are facing one side. Is that because there's something nice to look at on that side, but the other side, maybe not so much?

    I'm curious how the design fits in to the surroundings.

    Also, that wide curve (kinds neat), does it house solar elements? And how does that curve show up on the inside? I'm used to houses (especially finished attics) with "odd" angles, but outside of a star trek set, I've never seen a curved wall along the vertical axis.

    Got any interior renderings?


  2. hi Keith!
    Thanks for your comments! The context is dual: the location, and what's in my head at the moment. Last summer when I was in Berlin, I found a piece of semi-urban land in Berlin and thought it a good place to design something. I wanted to push my work in amore organic direction, similar to Hans Sharoun's Berlin Philharmonie, and the work of Aalto and Pietila in Finland.
    The villas are intended to be year-round residences. Villa Funf closes itself off from the street, and opens entirely to the rear yard, with a lovely view of foliage and water. The sides of the house are semi-porous. The curve of the roof/wall is entirley exposed on the interior of the house, as the sculptural feel of the structure should be visible form every location.
    I am trying to make each design more organic in nature and I will be happy if, after much more work, I have been able to design some houses which look nothing like!